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It is not a form of consultative sales. Price wasn't the issue: it was his discomfort not knowing how to spend 'that sort of money' for something that was new to him. Lots of cold calls ;). All of the elements that need to be included within their purchasing decision, and The systems variables that need to be accounted for as a result of a purchasing decision, so their internal systems stay intact. After having several conversations with a new prospect and his team, we all decided to move forward and get them trained in Buying Facilitation. Frank was smart. This is Sharon Drew Morgen's latest book. reflective diary template - Sharon Drew Morgen edition (pdf) .


Buy on Amazon Download 2 free chapters! Need a keynote speaker? Sharon Drew is the most provocative and original speaker in the sales field today. As I write my final Monday blog for the decade, I wish you all happy holidays. By navigating buyers through their behind-the-scene, pre-purchase decisions, our clients close sales in 1/8 the time. When value is understood, money is not the criteria. They are OK with the price.


Life shrinks or expands in relation to ones courage. Buying Facilitation leads buyers through these activities and decision points so they can do whatever they must do to make sure a new purchase will not seriously effect their status quo. internal trainers/ Current vendors)? What's stopping you from using your current resources (trainers/vendors) to fix the problem? What would need to know in order to consider doing something different from what you are currently doing in the area of sales training? How will you know that whatever skills you decide to add will work with what you are currently doing, so that there won't be a breakdown, and you won't lose the success you've already attained? What type of decision would you and your team need to make that's different from the one you made to have the training you are now running? How do you plan on aligning the (management, partners, initiatives) so that if you decide to add new sales skills, they will be happy to work with you on the change? What criteria would you need to have filled to understand that a different or alternate training approach would work alongside the approach you are currently using to give you (a higher closing ratio; a quicker sales cycle; increased customer retention; more referrals; increased sales from a unique/new customer base)? How would you know that a chosen provider or solution would meet that criteria?; What would you need to know or see from us to know that our material would meld with what you've got in place? How would you know we could deliver this and match your criteria? . "Oh. Do they have a problem that needs to be resolved now, and the economy has mitigated the types of solutions they seek? . I'm curious to meet someone who charges that much for a training program." . F: I suppose you just used the model on me, right?? You haven't sold me a thing no pitch, no presentation. Listen to my newest podcasts at or check out podcasts and interviews discussing Dirty Little Secrets with Tony Parinello, Brian Carrol, Lee Colan, Stone Payton, Eric Wolf, Anne Miller, and others. This amazing guide to improving communications (and thereby human understanding and relationships) is available from . 1989-2016.


The methods, summarised below, are for some quite easy and natural to apply when you understand them, although if you have been in selling for a while, avoid overlaying your own pre-conceptions. Sharon Drew Morgen's excellent Buying Facilitation book is quite different to most other selling books you will have read. But I bet Joe did his homework already, and has this under control? [His level of trust was now pretty high for both me and Joe. But it means adopting a shift in focus - from the problem solving/solution providing outcome that you are currently familiar with, to a decision-support focus that will enable a possible purchasing decision: . [I hadn't told him that, but my Facilitative Question implied it.] I guess if we kept using the same selling model we'd keep getting the same results. I close the decade with a sense of satisfaction: Ive taken an idea, developed it, developed it more, made it useful and usable, put it into sales and change management and decision making, customer service and negotiating.


Remember that if there arent any voices that shout the cranky, strange ideas, no change can occur and find those people and support them as they fight the status quo. And, if the client sees that all COSTS can be mitigated, or can be seen in a way which overrides their economic concerns and leaves them better off, they will be able to choose to make a purchase now. [Good for him. Buyers only buy when they align all people and policies, manage all relationships, and get buy-in from management. helps buyers recognize all decision makers who need to be on the Buyihg Decision Team. Different from sales. 888d446efb

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